About Us

Who are we?

Arman Education Plus was established in 2005 to provide services to foreign students willing to study in Ukraine.
We ensure that students enroll in educational institutions in cities that they would like to live in and with courses that will help them achieve their lifelong goals.

The relationship between Arman Education Plus and education institutions in Ukraine is very strong and we work hard to ensure that our students receive the best possible assistance with their course selection, visa process, and enrolment. Also we assist our students to adapt to Ukrainian lifestyle and Ukrainian education system.
Our Mission is to always provide our clients an excellent service which exceeds their expectations.

Our Team
•the founder of Arman Education Plus •works as education consultant •believes in positive thinking •loves to travel ⠀ You can ask her💬 ✔️Which program to choose? ✔️Which city in Ukraine is best for you to live? ✔️Which documents to collect? ✔️How much are fees for education? ✔️How to get an invitation to study? ✔️How to apply for visa?


•co-founder and financial director •adores to travel and loves art ⠀ She works in AE+ and responsible for: ⠀ ✔️preparing flawless application file for our clients for 💯successful admission to the university ✔️payments for education of our students in schools ✔️getting residence permits on the time and with out any issues


Co-Founder and Financial Director
•Translation department manager •Social and friendly person •likes to dance and travel ⠀ She works in AE+ and responsible for: ⠀ ✔️preparing translations for documents ✔️ makes consulting services


Translation Department Manager
•student of Odessa National Law Academy •likes to do sport and plays the guitar ⠀ His fields of responsibility: ⠀ ✔️makes consulting services ✔️meets students ✔️helps to find accommodation ✔️helps to socialize here etc.

Yusuf Arman

student of Odessa National Law Academy
•the founder of TDS legal •jurist with 15 years of experience •artist and loves to learn different languages ⠀ You can ask her 💬 ✔️how to register a company ✔️how to move to Ukraine ✔️how to resolve your most complex legal challenges


the founder of TDS legal
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